Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tribute to Godfried by David Wood

Godfried's influence on my career has been enormous. It can be summarised in one word: Bellairs. Through his Bellairs workshops I did lots of fun research and started numerous collaborations that continue to this day. I have attended workshops organised by numerous world-class researchers, but I still think that Godfried's workshops were the best. He carefully chose the participants always ensuring gender balance (well before it was an obligation to do so); he carefully chose or sometimes invented the research topic (this would take months of work prior to the workshop); and he carefully chose the research problems (with some easier ones to get us motivated, plus some really challenging ones to last the week). It is difficult to replicate this model, because it requires a great amount of skill and work of the organiser. This was no obstacle to Godfried---he was the master. 

Thank you Godfried.