Sunday, September 22, 2019

Tribute to Godfried by Susan Gerofsky

I met Godfried in January 2007 when I was a very new assistant professor of Mathematics Education at the University of British Columbia. I had been invited to a Bridges Math and Art symposium at the Banff International Research Station, my first introduction to the wonderful Bridges community.

Godfried, David Rappaport, Paco Gomez and I spent lots of time together there, working out relationships among circular representations of musical rhythmic patterns, spirographic designs, aspects of number theory and abstract algebraic necklace problems. We had lots of snowy walks down into town to a cafe and to the dollar store to buy geometric toys. Our musings resulted in a paper together for Bridges 2009.

Throughout the process of exploring and writing our findings, I was immensely grateful for Godfried's generosity, curiosity, enthusiasm and kind mentorship. I learned a lot, and was welcomed into the work that Godfried, Paco and David were already doing together. Our experience at Banff remains an example for me of the best ways that senior and junior researchers can work together across areas of expertise, with friendship, humour and productivity.

It was a shock to hear of his passing just today. We will miss him a lot.

Innovations in Mathematics Education via the Arts
BIRS, Banff Center, Alberta, Canada
Group Photo January 2007