Friday, October 11, 2019

Tribute to Godfried by Greg Dudek

I was a colleague of Godfried's at McGill for something like 25 years. 
When he was on the committee that hired me, he scared the hell out
of me.  This was not because he was unfriendly in the least, but rather
because he was so sharp and intellectually demanding.  That spirit of
excellence was something he maintained with unwavering dedication, and
it was something I came to deeply appreciate as his colleague.  As a
member of the department, there were only certain things Godfriend was
willing to do, but those things he took on, he accomplished with
complete dedication.

Along with his close associates, he exemplified a style of intellectual

freedom and creativity that has rarely been matched.  His panache was
exemplified in his professional life, his personal life and his daily
choices.  When he left our university, we lost a vital and exciting
spark.  Now the world as a whole has lost that too.