Sunday, August 25, 2019

Remembering Godfried Toussaint by Suneeta Ramaswami

I first got to know Godfried Toussaint when I was a postdoc at McGill University too many years ago. Godfried's office door was always open, ever ready for one of his students or colleagues to stop by to discuss a problem, preferably over coffee or lunch or dinner. I was lucky enough to attend several of his Bellairs workshops, a welcoming and inclusive work environment through which I met many research collaborators as well as friends. Godfried was an extraordinary computational geometer, a founding member of the field, and a relentless problem poser and problem solver. But above all else, Godfried believed that research was as much a social enterprise as it was an intellectual one. He exemplified the philosophy that research is a lot more productive and enjoyable when it is done collaboratively with others.

I hadn't seen Godfried in a few years, but I always imagined that he was continuing on with his usual vibrancy and energy and joie de vivre. I feel very sad now that we did not get a chance to meet more recently. 

Rest in peace, Godfried.