Friday, August 2, 2019

Tribute to Godfried from Tamal Dey

I was never directly connected to Godfried in any capacity of being a collaborator. However, in my early years, when I was just learning about Computational Geometry, some of his work did inspire me. I specifically remember his work on relative neighborhood graphs. It was a simple but powerful idea. I would also like to reminisce an incident here. In 1995, we had a SoCG paper titled `Visibility with One Reflection'. After the presentation of the paper (by one of my co-authors), Godfried commented that this is an excellent work. He did not tell it directly to me, but I heard him talking about it during the Coffee break. As a new comer to CG, hearing such a comment from a stalwart enthused me so much that I still remember that incident.

It's a great loss for CG. May his soul rest in peace!