Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tribute to Godfried by Binay Bhattacharya

I remember and admire Godfried for his profound creativity and his superb teaching abilities. My years at McGill in the late seventies were a pivotal time in the development of Computational Geometry. In the decades since Godfried remained at the center of the field in his own research, and in communal leadership. Godfried championed the growth of Computational Geometry in Canada, inspiring generations of students. Today, much to Godfried's credit, almost every university in Canada has at least one faculty member researching geometry-related areas.

In terms of innovation in research, I have never seen anyone else who generates problems as interesting as Godfried did. His body of work is prolific and varied. His foundational research in Computational Geometry has inspired extensive further contributions in the field. Godfried's latest work on analyzing the rhythms of traditional world music using tools from computer science, mathematics, music theory, and computational biology is a fine example of his exceptional ability to pursue ideas and connections to their fullest potential. He had the knowledge base and expertise to pursue common threads connecting seemingly different topics, and he did so freely, and with fascinating results.

I have never had a better teacher, mentor, or colleague than Godfried. Godfried's vision continues to be a strong influence on my work. With a heavy heart, I say, "Goodbye Godfried. May your soul rest in peace. Hope to meet you again in the next life"